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First, find which stimulation you'd like to start with!

The way you use a vibrator depends on what type of vibrator it is. One of the best places to start is to determine what your personal pleasure preference is.

External Vibrators:

These vibrators are designed to be pressed and massaged against the Clitoris, Nipples, and Penis. External vibrators are some of the most popular types of vibrators because they can be placed externally. This means they are not designed to be inserted. These vibrators are most commonly known as:

Internal Vibrators:

These vibrators are designed to be inserted vaginally or anally. You can use these to massage yourself externally, but they are not to be confused with a dual-action vibrator - more on that below!

The most popular internal vibrators on are:

Dual Action Vibrators:

These vibrators are usually designed with a main stimulator and an external stimulator in one. Most of the time, they are designed to massage your vaginal walls and the clitoris at the same time.

Many Dual Action Vibrators are known as:


1. Vibrator Foreplay

Start by softly dragging your vibrator over your most sensitive erogenous areas. These are places like your breasts and nipples and the inside of your thighs. For some people, they find that their neck, lips, stomach and even the inside of their elbows (really!) also respond well to the vibrations.

As you are starting to get aroused, start focusing more on your thighs and vagina, but don’t apply your vibrator to your vagina just yet. Keep teasing yourself by gently trailing your vibrator around it, running it over the outside of your labia and above your clitoris until your body is crying out for more direct contact.

2. Gentle Teasing

Gentle Teasing is similar to the previous technique, except this time you will be focusing more directly on your vagina but only making very light contact.

Start by applying the tip of your vibrator to the bottom of your vagina and slowly dragging it upwards towards your clit. Once you reach the top of your vagina, above your clit, slowly drag it back down. While doing this technique, your body will be crying out for more pressure and intensity, but don’t give in just yet. Maintain a “feather-light” touch for as long as possible.

3. Clitoral Focus

Now it’s time to use your vibrator on your clit! Move the tip of your vibrator over your clitoris and start applying direct pressure to it. There are bunch of things you can do here:

  • You may prefer to push the tip of your vibrator into a particular side of your clit.

  • You may prefer to rub it over and back on your clit.

  • You may prefer to circle your clit slowly or very rapidly.

  • You may prefer to keep softly teasing yourself by applying minimum pressure.

The key is experimenting with different techniques and finding the part of your clit that feels most enjoyable and pleasurable with your vibrator. These masturbation techniques that focus on your clit will give you some more ideas of what you can do with your vibrator on your clitoris.

4. Clitoral Hood

20Some women find that direct contact on their clitoris is too intense and can even be painful. If you fall into this category, then don’t worry, you’re not alone, and there is a simple solution…

You need to use the clitoral hood as a buffer. This is the little flap of skin that covers your clitoris. So instead using your vibrator on your clitoris, use it on your clitoral hood instead. This way the vibrations will be less intense but still enjoyable.

5. Coming In From Below

This technique is universally popular as you will be able to stimulate the entire outside of your vagina with it. You need to take your vibrator and press the length of it against your vagina. The top of your vibrator should be pressed against your clit, while the length of the vibrator is pressed against your vagina/labia and the bottom of your vibrator should be at the lower part of your vagina.

If you squeezed your legs together in this position, you would easily be able to keep your vibrator in place.

6. Cum Inside

While all the previous techniques involved the outside of your vagina, it’s now time to think about what’s on the inside. For this, you will need a vibrator that is somewhat penis shaped and can easily enter your vagina.

Using your natural lubrication or some lube that you purchased, coat your vibrator with it and slowly push it inside your vagina. Simply leaving your vibrator to sit inside your vagina can be very pleasurable, but you’ll find it much more enjoyable to apply pressure to the most sensitive spots in there, particularly your G Spot and Skene’s gland area along with your A Spot, which can cause orgasm [3].Experiment with the pressure you apply, the intensity of the vibrations and different areas inside your vagina to discover what feels most intense. If you are using a penis shaped vibrator, then you can check out the Dildo Guide here that will show you some excellent techniques that you can also use to enjoy earth-shattering, neighbor-waking orgasms.

7. Add Your Fingers To The Mix

Just because you are using a vibrator doesn’t mean that you can’t also use your fingers. In fact, doing so only adds more pleasure to the mix. Use your fingers on one hand to stimulate your G Spot, while simultaneously using your vibrator in your other hand to pleasure your clitoris. Find you G Spot here.

Of course, you can also switch your hands around here and use your fingers to rub your clit, while pressing your vibrator into your G Spot.As I keep repeating like a parrot, the key is experimenting and seeing what you prefer. You may find that you prefer pressure on your A Spot or prefer to rub your labia instead of your clit. This guide on fingering yourself will give you lots of examples of how to finger yourself for maximum pleasure.

8. Use Your Vibrator For Better Sex

Vibrators are sometimes referred to as “marital aids”, and seeing them as such is a good idea. Using a vibrator during sex can dramatically add to both your AND your man’s pleasure [4].

If you currently struggle to orgasm during sex, then using a vibrator can help a lot to reach orgasm during penetration. Using it on your clitoris in certain positions like Missionary or the Coital Alignment Technique can be very cumbersome and awkward while other positions like Doggy Style or Spooning make it very easy.

If you like, your man can also take over and use the vibrator on you during sex.

Another fun option is to use your vibrator on HIM. Again this is dependent on what position you are in. If you are in a position that makes it easy, you can use it on his balls, perineum (the area of rough skin between his testicles and anus) or even his ass.

IMPORTANT: Some insecure guys think that if you use a vibrator during sex, it’s because he is a terrible lover or that you need something more. This can be super frustrating, especially if you just want to try something new with him. If your man acts offended at your suggestion or seems distressed, then, unfortunately, you need to reassure him that you only want to try something new and that it’s NOT him.

9. During Blow Jobs & Hand Jobs

As well as using your vibrator on your man during sex, you can also use it on him during a blow job or hand job. Here are a few ideas:

  • Try gently running it along his shaft and the head of his penis and watch his reaction!

  • While giving him either oral sex (check out the Blow Job Guide here) or a hand job (check out the hand job guide here), you can use it on his testicles, trailing it over them and caressing them with it or holding it against them with your hand.

  • Your man’s perineum is also incredibly sensitive, so try pressing your vibrator on it. Although it’s sensitive, you can use a lot of pressure which makes it more enjoyable for him.

  • If your man enjoys having his ass played with, then don’t be afraid to use it on his ass too. You can rub it around the outside, softly press it inside or even just fully penetrate him with it. Of course, you need to clean it afterwards before using it on yourself again.

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